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I'm among the co-founders at OuzelSystems, launching apps with unique user experience and providing exceptional expertise in developing optimized cross platform mobile applications. I received my early education in Qatar. Later achieved 2nd position in Bachelors' Degree in Computer Science from University of Karachi.

I've technical expertise in developing cross platform mobile applications for Android, iOS & Windows Phone, using latest technologies including; Html5, Node.js, MongoDB, Azure Cloud, PhoneGap (Cordova), Angular.js, Grunt, Bower and SASS.

I love following up with technology on social media and adore sharing it with others. My hobbies include writing articles and poems on society, editing creative images & videos and enjoy being a technical evangelist.

I work along with a team of experts focusing contemporary, state-of-the-art technologies. I'm also Nokia Developer Champion, Microsoft Certified Professional & Specialist, Microsoft Community Speaker and former Microsoft Student Partner.

Microsoft Certified Professional Nokia Developer Champion
Sameer Ahmed Khan
Date of Birth:
September, 12, 1990
Sindh, Karachi
+92 332-3011909


Co-Founder & Entrepreneur

2014 - Current


Starting a startup, and making dreams come true. Trying to provide a better solution to humanity and broken systems. Currently we also offer services in developing optimized cross platform mobile applications.


2013 - 2014


Working on Hospital Management System & Implementing it for Touch/Handheld devices currently at Dr.Ziauddin Hospital & Indus Hospital. My role is of a Full Stack Developer, working from Responsive UI on web till developing backend services on Node,js Server having MongoDB as our database

UI Team Lead & Developer

2012 - 2013


Developing and implementing a Windows 8 Application

It will be a horizontal market app consisting of a Windows 8 Presentation Authoring and Broadcasting App and a companion cloud based website. It will compete with YouTube and PowerPoint.

Interactive Website Developer

2007 - 2009


Developing interactive UI design and coding their main website for specific targetted audience


B.S in Computer Science

2008 - 2012

University of Karachi

Achieved 2nd position in Bachelors' Degree in Computer Science from University of Karachi.

Programming Skills

  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • HTML5
  • C#
  • PHP

Other Skills

  • Phonegap (Cordova)
  • Grunt.js
  • Angular.js
  • MongoDB
  • Node.js
  • Windows Phone
  • XNA Game Studio
  • Web Apps
  • Writing Skills
  • Communicating

Software Skills

  • Fireworks
  • Photoshop
  • Visual Studio
  • Eclipse
  • Xcode
  • Expression Blend


Featured in Parhlo


The Achievements Of These 8 Young Pakistanis Will Blow You Away!

Featured in Techjuice


Pakistan’s 25 high achievers under 25 years of age



NED University

2nd Position - Mobile Application Exhibition - Team Effort

Telenor’s Apportunity Contest


(Nation Wide Competition)

1st Position - Team Effort

Ericsson PTA Mobile Excellence Award


(Nation Wide Competition)

2nd Position - Team Effort

References: PTA and Ericsson Announce Mobile Excellence Award Winners


2012 & 2013

FAST University

1st Position (in both the years) - Mobile Application Exhibition - Team Effort

Imagine Cup 2012 Azure Challenge


(World Wide Competition)

We were among the pioneers of Windows Azure in Pakistan and competed in 2012 Imagine Cup Azure Challenge and our two teams were qualified among the top 80 teams worldwide. Application was “Educating Dreams –Be a Saviour!” & “Familities”

References: Youtube Project Link 1 and Youtube Project Link 2

Imagine Cup 2013 Game


(World Wide Competition)

Out of 150 received projects, during final round a more than 25 judges evaluated the shortlisted ones.Our team “TechnoCrafts” for project “Game O Chat” was declared as National Winner under the “Games” Category

References: Microsoft Blog Link and Imagine Cup Social Media Team

Project Video Link: GameOChat

Starred in Telenor’s Apportunity Campaign Video Shoot


Telenor - Djuice

Visited Islamabad to have a shooting for their upcoming Mobile App Competition

Youtube Link: Djuice Video Link

Featured in Microsoft Pakistan’s Blog


Microsoft - Pakistan

“Prayer Reminder” a windows 8 application was featured here after hitting 44,000 downloads.

Blog Link: Microsoft Blog Link

Speaking Engagements

Technical - Geeky


Total Number of events from my side: 22

I conducted many presentations, workshops and technical tranings on behalf of Microsoft & Nokia Developer Activities. Details about each event and milestones could be provided on request.

Video Conferences arranged: 6

Seminars/Workshops: 10

Presentations given in other Universities: 6

Publications (Non-Technical)

Young Times Magazine

2007 - 2012

(Supplement of Khaleej Times Newspaper) Magazine spread in Subcontinent & MEA Most Published articles are posted on my blog aswell and


A Balanced World (September 3rd 2008)

Peace Shall Come (January 16th, 2008)

Respect Elders (November 14th, 2008)

Caged (October 10th, 2007)

Correct Your Mistakes (June 25th, 2008)


Forgiveness My Lord (April 16th, 2008)

Silence Shall Speak (August 20, 2008)

Disregarded Man (March 21st, 2007)

A New Leaf (March 7th, 2007)

Battle Field (April 18th, 2007)

Minutes before Death (September 26th, 2006)

Shattered in Silence (February 6th, 2008)

Short Story

Unsolved Mystery (August 1, 2007)

Simplicity of Max (October 24, 2007)

Smash Magazine


Distributed in Pakistan


Suffocating (September 11th, 2011)

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Sindh, Karachi

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